This group banded together during some difficult days in the Fall of 2020. After many Zoom meetings, we finally got to meet in person to support our team member, Carolyn, in her outstanding performance with The Staten Island Dialogue Project. It was awesome to be able to hug & hello and enjoy an evening together… We were just missing Kristy!

A stack of receipts in three rows, with attached QR codes, ready to be redeemed by Staten Islanders in need.

630 Meals
Fed Forward to Staten Islanders in Need! Thank you to our Donors, Food Establishment Partners, and Distribution Partners!

Our Mission

Staten Island Feeds It Forward is a group of community members who believe that, with the help of local business owners, we can help defeat food insecurity in our neighborhoods.

How It Works

  1. At check-out, tell the cashier you want to Feed It Forward.
  2. The price of one item will be added to your purchase.
  3. The restaurant prints and keeps a copy of your receipt, which
    buys food for a Staten Islander in need.
  4. The receipts are collected for distribution to the community.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and your wonderful organization for your donation of 55 food vouchers to be distributed to our pantry clients. Receiving a food voucher will be a very nice treat for our pantry clients!”

Oakwood Heights Community Church
Food Pantry Volunteers, Board of Deacons and Board of Trustees